What is crowdfunding?

Here at London Idea we are here to help you fund your project and idea through the power of crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. It is a superb way to raise awareness, money and support for your project. London Idea can provide you with the means to connect with people who could believe in your vision and help fund your project. The power of the crowd can really give your project the means to become a reality.
At London Idea we offer campaigners the choice of setting their campaign to accept money as a donation or to offer a reward in response to pledges. This is called either donation or reward-based crowd funding. This gives campaigners the choice of whether to offered reward incentives for donations or just a great reason to donate. If backers want to see a campaign do well and can see it will help the community sometimes rewards aren’t needed. However, some campaigners may want to offer rewards in response to money pledged. Rewards are benefits, products or services offered by the project.
Crowdfunding is a fantastic resource that doesn’t require all the money to come from one or two sources but a large number of people who believe in the end goal. It can help with a sense of community and here at London Idea, we love being part of a community.

How will crowdfunding help me?

Crowdfunding is amazing in the sense it can validate your idea and gives you confidence, it can prove that people support you and want help you to make it a reality.
Crowdfunding is for life, not just for fundraising. The people who support you and your idea can become a part of your journey and make incredible ambassadors for your project in the future. As mentioned previously it contributes to a sense of community and you can find yourself connecting with people you never knew existed. People who could become great friends or even join your team.
As a London Idea crowd funder, you will learn vital skills when fundraising – you can learn how to become superstar marketer or an awesome spokesperson for your project. All things that you will take with you and help your idea grow into the next chapter!
I’m in! What do I do next?
Click on our guide for information on how to get started.