Our Guide to Creating an Incredibly Successful Campaign

1. Start a campaign

Lets go! You can create a project on our our wonderful site, by clicking on ‘start campaign’ . From here you can create page on our site, explaining your idea.  You can add pictures, videos and a description of your project. Goals and rewards can be set and then you are ready to go! Building a team can help with your success and they can help you promote your project, or equally if you want to go it alone why not! Get a good plan together and get going!

2. Share your idea!

First and foremost, people need to understand your idea, why it means so much to you, and why they should support it. Let them see your passion!!

Telling people around you, family, friends can help you towards you goal. Get the word out there! Share on social media or even with people you know about your vision and encourage them to put the word out too. You will be surprised by how much ‘word of mouth’ can help your campaign. Involve the press, tell your neighbours, contact a blog and spread the news!

Communicating your project idea with your community is key to getting successfully funded.

How about sharing your project with your network, and asking them to share it with their network!

No man is an island

You may choose to work on your own and thats cool. However by building a small team to help you in your campaign journey you can get some extra support and help along the way.

It can be a lot of work for one person to do alone so we recommend getting some people to help to support you in the build of your project if you can.

The core team behind a great fundraising project is made up of 2–4 people, so think about who might be keen to help – even if it’s just lending a hand with a few key tasks.

Someone who is good at networking and marketing is essential and can be invaluable in raising your profile and getting the word out about your project.

Now lets create your campaign!

Lets say hello to some super important points: Make sure you include:

  1. Tell people what your idea is and most importantly who you are. Not everyone who visits the page will know you so introduce yourself!
  2. What your idea is what it will achieve, and why they should care about you have to say.
  3. What the money’s for so  your backers can understand why you’ve set your target.
  4. Aim to appeal to a wide audience and offer your backers great value for money.

Make your campaign is easy to read, attractive and something that grabs your readers attention.

Make sure there are pictures and if there is a video keep it punchy with a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

Try to use plenty of sub-headings and images in your description, to make it easier to read.

Telling your story well will help people understand your project and get them excited about getting involved!

Campaign building in detail

Project title and short description

Your project title and short description helps people understand what you want the money for and why they should pick your project to invest in.


A strong title is essential to captures your readers attention

Short description

Your short description will appear at the top of your description on your project page and on searches.Try to keep this to less than 150 characters.

Add pictures and your project description

Visuals are key to a successful campaign so pick some great pictures and make sure your description explains exactly what your venture is about.

Choose a photo that represents and explains your project – make sure it’s inspirational, Photos can be eye catching, and a picture can be worth a thousand words!

Have you thought about a video? A video can showcase your story, and most importantly, yourself, the creator. Videos are a great tool to visually display your idea.  Remember be genuine in the video. If people see your enthusiasm for the project, they will resonate with you and the idea. If videos isn’t your thing then make sure you have lots of pictures of your design or product and that show everything you need advertise to your backers. 


Draw up a list of as many reward ideas as possible, no matter however extravagant they may be! The beauty of this is it provides you with a starting point. then narrow it down and pick the ones that are realistic, deliverable and attractive for your backers!

Why are you crowdfunding?

It is super important to be transparent at this point as people will appreciate knowing how their money will be spent. Tell people why you are crowdfunding and exactly what the money will be used for. Make sure you show confidence in your idea and why backers should invest in you.

What type of targets are available?

London Idea is an ‘all or nothing’ platform. We find this is the best way of crowd funding to make sure you will reach your goal, people want you to succeed and know in order for you to receive the funds you need to raise all your targeted amount.
In order to access the funds the total amount needed has to be raised. So get out there and let everyone know how they can donate to your exciting project!
An optimal goal time of a crowdfunding project is 4 weeks (28 days). However, we do allow creators to enter an end date that can be longer if necessary. The momentum can be seen to increase at the beginning and the end of a project so it’s important to keep things going!

London Idea fees and charges

At London Idea, we want to make it as simple as possible. We only charge 4% fees to use our platform to help with running costs. We add this automatically to the campaign amount to be raised so it means you get to keep all of the amount you wanted. For example if you want to raise £10,000, the goal amount to be raised on the platform will be £10,400.
There are also transaction fees to take into account:
Stripe – 1.4% + pop on each UK pledge, and 2.9% + 20p on each non-UK pledge – charged when pledge payments arrive in your Stripe account.
Paypal – 3.4% plus 20p per pledge

When do I receive my funds?


Pledges will be deposited into your Stripe account in individual payments and usually arrive within 24 hours. Pledges will be deposited straight into your linked bank account within 7 working days. Once your project has closed you will be able to log into your Stripe account to check the status of the payments.

All set up? Now its time to share the news!

Now this is the super important bit!! Listen up!

London Idea want you to be yourself. This might sound cheesy, but in the crowdfunding world, your passion has to shine through. Don’t fake anything and show your enthusiasm for your idea.The community will appreciate your honesty, and your passion for your project will be sure to attract backers. Let your excitement shine through!

It’s so important not to keep your idea to yourself – tell everyone. Promotion is key to a successful campaign and it’s so important to start this even when your idea is just a thought inside your head.

Spend time talking about your idea with people you know and across many social channels. Its great for feedback and support.

Blogs can help create even more interest in your idea, it is so easy now days to create a blog online so get creating!

As we mentioned before building a team to support you on your campaign and idea targets may be the best decision you can make in driving your campaign to reach its goal!