Do's & Don'ts

At London Idea, we are all pretty easy going but want to make sure there is some guidance in place so everyone is happy.

1. Ventures that have clear target and goals. Try and make it clear what you are hoping to achieve from the funding and what you can offer your backers.


2. Ensure you can follow through with the promise of your rewards to your backers and you have also made plans pre-campaign to ensure that these can be kept.


3. Please be kind and understanding to other users. London Idea loves positivity!

1. London Idea would love to showcase your campaign but that also means just using our platform and not any other crowdfunding platform at the same time. We promise we'll look after you.


2. Campaigns that involve sharing of equity, investments or loans. We fly the reward incentive flag!


3. Unfortunately, we can't approve of any rewards that offer tobacco, weapons, firearms, knives, replicas of weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia.


4. As we’ve mentioned previously, London Idea loves positivity so we are not keen on any offensive material – this means any hate speech or any pornographic material. London Idea holds the right to decide what is offensive.


5. If you offer any manufactured products then they would need to meet safety guidelines. We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt!


6. London Idea recommends you do not accept any unsolicited financial incentives such as loans which are offered to you by other members on the platform. Best to be safe.

Our terms of service offer more information on the legal aspects of our service and we recommend you take some time to check them out.