Crowdfunding the Statue of Liberty

Iconic for New York the Statue of Liberty was also one of the first and most probably the pioneer of crowd funding. yes I thought the same, it was a gift from the French government so why did they need funding.

1885 Statue of Liberty had arrived in NY, howver there was one thing missing, and that was the granite plinth that the statue was to be build upon. The NY Goverener refused to use any of the cities funds to pay for the $250,000 project (which nowadays equates to around £4.1million) now that a pretty big project.

Joseph Pulitzer was a publisher in New York, he but an ad in the paper ‘The New York World’, in order to raise donations for the project. Without the money NY were in danger of loosing liberty to another state who were willing to pay for it.

In just five months enough money was raised to complete the pedestal, this came for 160,000 contributers from a wide variety of people. Almost ¾ of the donations were less then a dollar. A true sense of the power of crowdfunding. The newspaper offered rewards of gold coins for the highest donation.

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