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At London Idea we want to help communities, individuals and business improve London.
These are some of our latest campaigns that are rocking our platform!

My Mindsight

My MindSight is an innovative, newly-launched anti-bullying and mental health awareness group formed by four mental health professionals. The aim is to enlighten, empower, and encourage young people in the 11-18 age group so that they can positively impact their future societies.  

London Village Network

London Village Network is a grassroots charity dedicated to social equality and community cohesion. They work to improve the social and developmental needs of young people by helping them cultivate new skills.


The SickleKan Community development group/charity’s mission is to give people with sickle cell a voice within the local and wider community.

How it works

Tackling London’s biggest issues is a complex one.
However, crowd funding our projects at London Idea is simple.

Build your project

Using a super simple form you can create an in-depth and personalised campaign to attract supporters of your project. We offer all or nothing funding on campaigns. These can be more successful in achieving the goal and encourage backers to donate and ensure the target is met.

Your Success

Let our team build you the perfect strategy to ensure your campaign is a success. From a basic strategy all the way to full content and implementation . Prices start from £54

Improve London

Through the process of creating a campaign, not only are you raising funds for your project, you will also raise awareness for the idea and gaining support.

Why London?

The capital of the UK, London is the most crowded city in England. With all these people, working, living and growing up in the city it leads the way to London been faced with many challenges. At London Idea, we want to improve the city. Whether it is a project that will impact 8 or 8 million people we want to hear your solutions to Londons challenges.

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